A Sunburnt History

                                est 2012

                                est 2012

Funny Cos It's True

“If only all history lessons were as flat out entertaining” Herald Sun

A Sunburnt History has been entertaining audiences since 2012 with its unique brand of high energy, myth busting Australian history shows - “whip-smart, razor-sharp” (Herald Sun 2012). Chock-full of “biting satire and thought provoking social commentary” (Stage Whispers 2015) A Sunburnt History dynamically  and enthusiastically brings the pages of history to life with music, sketch, lyrical poetry and exuberant physicality – “constantly surprising, informative and entertaining” (Herald Sun 2013).

A SUNBURNT HISTORY blends amazing facts, unbelievable real-life characters and jaw dropping true events with hilarious dialogue, ridiculous songs and mind-blowing ‘what-ifs’ to create an exceptional and informative show as distinctive as the history it tells - “tale and presentation unlike anything else” (The Pun 2012).  

We take no prisoners on our rampage through this island continent's perfectly preposterous past. A Sunburnt History has a “revolutionist energy” (Herald Sun 2012) with joyous abandon we leave no stone unturned and no tree unshaken in our quest to reveal the truth, the lies and everything in-between - “The exciting next wave of Australian comedy” (Herald Sun 2014).

Our research is impeccable and our work is “beautifully written” and “impressively directed” (Herald Sun 2013/2014), “It was the most entertaining history I’ve ever had!” (Blaire Magazine 2013).

A Sunburnt History is for all larrikins who love to learn and laugh while lamenting our mad, magical and mystifying history.