***** Yawp 2013 

**** Herald Sun 2014 

**** Herald Sun 2012


Joy FM

"Rhyming wordplay, songs, mini sketches, mimicry, and a non-stop energy that must be seen to be believed. The sheer breadth of his knowledge is stunning... his memory and flawless delivery is mesmerising" Up The Creek With a Pen (2015)

“Such a refreshing change to straight stand-up.” In Batmania 2015

"Strong physical and verbal sequences, and a tight script weaving social commentary, satire and the trademark dose of Australian history factoids-plus carried the hour away." Weekend Notes 2015

Has the audience rolling in the aisles.” Stage Whispers 2015

“Comedy’s equivalent of climbing Mount Everest in an hour.” Herald Sun 2014

"tightly scripted, high energy, and highly entertaining" Herald Sun 2014

“This show is a welcome break from the self-absorbed rantings of most modern stand-ups.” Herald Sun 2014

"Well-acted and constructed, this is a very entertaining and well-researched show." Yawp 2013

“It is intelligent comedy, which is incredibly creative and informative, and will make you laugh out loud through the entire act.” Blaire Magazine 2013

"The show unfolds at a real clip, and no matter how ropey your grasp of early Australian history is, A Sunburnt History is constantly surprising, informative and entertaining." Herald Sun 2013

“This is history like you wish they’d taught it at high school. Brilliant.” The Pun 2012